THE CYCLING SECTOR AND RETAIL: bent on digital market?

Although the trend of the last two years has been online shopping for almost all the products on the market and buyers interact virtually with the products (for example using digital mannequins to try on clothes), fortunately the cycling sector didn’t totally bent on this new digital market; the in-store experience will probably not end because being able to try on a helmet, a cycling suit, interact with a salesman who will recommend the best sunglasses or the best wheel on the market, will always have a fundamental value for the end user

In 2021 the store is downsized in terms of size (we have seen the disappearance of large flagship stores) but it remains the real point of contact between the brand and its customers; it is still the primary vehicle for the brand’s image and represents an important place for interaction with customers.

Making the customer’s shopping experience more pleasant is really important, we know that it is not easy to encourage him to enter the store and physically buy the product, but with a good advertising promotion following the launch of a new product and with display systems. support, success is assured.