and creativity

Our company is synonymous with reliability

and quality, excellence and creativity.

The range of services such as design

and development is wide and provided

with experience, using creativity and technology.

Progettazione espositore di design


Considering the customer needs (image, functionality, quantity of goods displayed, customization, etc.), the display stands are designed with great functionality and an attractive design.

Whether it’s metal, wooden, plastic material or floor, counter, wall displays; we create the solution that best suits your needs.

Our design team:

– Designers within our company, experts in both technical design and rendering
– With knowledge of structural mechanics and materials
– Aimed at using a high-impact design to make your products stand out within a store.


Design services range:

– Conceptual design
– Prototype design

– Store Branding Design
– Technical design
– Packaging design
– Design of flat pack assembly instructions.


The display stand prototyping is designed to verify the structure and stability of the dispaly stand.

To ensure the quality of the display stands, our engineers transform initial ideas into visible units to be tested in real environments to be evaluated and refined.

Espositore abbigliamento
Progetto espositore
Espositore in metallo e legno


Our display stands are handcrafted, in Italy, considering the quality of the product and respecting delivery times.

The production process begins with the choice of DURABLE materials such as metal, wood and plastic materials; then the material is cut and welded, giving life to the display stand.

We are able to manage production orders systematically and efficiently thanks to an excellent project management team.

We provide customers with high quality display stands while ensuring delivery times.

Stampaggio ad iniezione espositore
Punzonatura espositore
Piegatura espositore
Taglio laser espositore
Pantografatura espositore
Smerigliatura espositore
Verniciatura espositore
Stampa offset espositore

Some of our mechanical machining services:

injection molding



laser cut



Some of our procedures and printing processes on magnetic material, plastic, metal and wood:

silk-screen printing

UV printing on: semi-expanded PVC panels, forex, honeycomb cardboard, magnetic, sandwich, pre-spaced adhesive PVC, wood

square cut with right angles or shaped

The materials we use are durable:




Plastic materials

Minimum purchase quantity on our display stands proposals from presentation: 30 pieces –

Minimum production quantity for new projects: 50 pieces.


Espositore in flat pack


Our strength is to give you the product in a flat packaging.

The packaging can be done at the customer’s request: we can ship the display stand already assembled or study a flat pack to ship it disassembled but with a flat packaging in order to optimize transport costs.

Magazzino espositori e logistica per la spedizione degli espositori


We work with experienced companies in the sector to make sure that you will receive your products in perfect condition and within the agreed time.

Our product is offered ex-works, on request we organize the pick up for you (freighted invoiced), making use of expert companies in the sector and following the goods until delivery.


Considerate le esigenze espositive del cliente ,facciamo le nostre proposte con dei render, cercando di trovare la miglior soluzione che unisca estetica e funzionalità.


La prototipazione dell’espositore è atta a verificare la struttura del prodotto e la stabilità dell’espositore. Per garantire la qualità degli espositori i nostri ingegneri trasformano le idee iniziali in unità visibili da testare in ambienti reali da valutare e perfezionare.