Sports equipment display stands

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    Design displays for sports equipment

    Do you need help making your sports equipment line stand out or do you have new models to promote in the store?

    Check out our wide range of sports equipment display stands!

    Technical characteristics of our display stands

    Our proposal includes durable metal and wood display stands made to last over time with an attractive design and highly functional within the store.

    Over time we have developed many proposals for floor revolving and swivel display stands, wall and counter display stands in durable materials with ample customization space.

    Our proposals and dedicated products

    We provide display stands solutions of our proposal, visible in the catalog that you can request by filling out the available format.

    All sports equipment display stands are highly customizable in terms of design, size and color. Our proposal of standard products includes different types of display stand that differ in materials, number of positions (quantity of products displayed) presence of forex or magnetic banners.

    To each display stand you can add accessories such as clothing shelves and shoes shelves  and accessories (of different sizes)such as smooth brackets, 12 position brackets, waterfall brackets, straight brackets or bars for hanging garments of different sizes. If some products have a blister pack, we have a wide range of single and double wire hooks from 5 to 30 cm in length; to be used on our display stands facilities.

    Our presentation proposals have a minimum order quantity of 30 pieces for each model.

    We are specialized in the study and development of the dedicated product.

    If you have an idea to develop and do not know how to proceed, we will help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

    Our sales department will listen to your requests and our designers will transform your idea into a rendering proposal, this will guide us in creating the customized prototype to be used for the final production.

    Our dedicated projects have a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces for each model.

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    Confidentiality is important to us

    For confidentiality and respect for the brands we work with, we do not display dedicated projects developed to date or customer logos on our website and presentations.

    A base from which to start

    After defining with the customer which image to give to his product inside the store, it is very important to know the quantity of display stands he needs, such as research customizations (glossy, semi-glossy and opaque effect of the painting or printing with logo and images on the structure or on magnetic banner and in forex). Which color of the structure and accessories do you plan to use (our painting allows you to have the display stand for sports equipment available in all the colors of the RAL scale, with a glossy, semi-gloss and opaque effect), the timing (when to release the product at the point of sale, when launching the new product or new collection), the required packaging (flat pack, whole product or specifically designed for special needs), to which Countries the goods must be shipped .

    Brand, brand, brand!

    The display stand customization is essential to make your brand stand out within the store and distinguish your collection from competing brands.

    All of our sports equipment display stands are highly customizable with logos and prints.

    Why choose a highly customizable ADS banner

    We use different types of customization such as: screen printing on metal and wood or on forex banners and magnetic banners.

    The magnetized or forex banner are always excellent choices that allow you to keep the same display stand  over time, changing only the banner (in forex or magnetic) based on the new collection or product you want to launch on the market.

    The graphic rendering is excellent, many brands of sports products have chosen over the years the banner in forex and magnetic to accompany the product with a high definition image of the brand, of the testimonial or of all the technical features that help the customer to orient himself between the wide range of products within the store.

    If you need to present your new collection with an explanatory brochure or with a catalog, we have a wide range of plexiglass pockets to apply to the exhibitor (A3 / A4 / A5 format) or we can create a niche in which to insert the paper catalog.

    Give the right color to your idea!

    The coating

    Customization also involves the display stand coating, the color you choose to use to make the product stand out in the store.

    The display stand structure color and the accessories color is essential, it is always chosen together with the customer based on the type of product presented and the environment in which it is displayed (multi-brand or single-brand store).

    Over the years we have found that sports brands prefer matt black, metallic gray or fluorescent colors.

    Our powder coating allows us to use on the metal display stands, all the RAL scale colors and different finishes such as matt, glossy, semi-gloss and fluorescent colors, each one has a different yield so we guide the customer in the choice. best suited to your needs.

    The wooden display stands have a wide range of finishes and are also chosen with the customer based on the thickness of the wood or chipboard that you want to use and the effect you are looking for.


    The choice of packaging

    Like all our types of display stands, even the display stands for sports equipment are packed with great care and attention and based on the customer’s needs we study the suitable packaging (flat pack or other ad hoc requests) and provide detailed assembly instructions, easy of understanding.

    Let’s take stock!

    There are many types of sports products on the market. Over the years, customers have found the need to look for a fresh, new, design image and this has also been reflected in the furnishings of the store or shop.

    We have thus specialized in the study and development of furniture systems to cope with the different types on the market:

    winter sports products (skis / snowboards / poles)

    products for water sports (surfboards and accessories)

    diving products (snorkels, masks, fins, regulators, vests, diving watches)

    racket sports products (rackets, balls)

    products for football, volleyball, basketball

    hockey products

    boxing products


    The customer’s request to create a multifunction display stand is increasingly frequent, which at the same time allows the display of both the new collection of products accompanied by clothing, footwear or other accessories.

    Our proposals are increasingly sophisticated, mixing materials such as metal and wood to create display stands with the appropriate accessories, sporty but elegant, all personalized with logos and prints.

    The final product will be a display stand with an attractive and modern design, functional (which allows you to display the right amount of goods highlighting the product without being too chaotic) and highly recognizable thanks to the customization studied together with the customer, the choice of colors and in the presence of advertising banners with images, descriptions and brand logos.

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    Not only display stands

    Our range of accessories is not limited only to dedicated accessories to be used on the display stands of our production; we have a wide range of hooks, shelves and bars suitable for displaying all the accessories of the various sports types to be used also on slatted panel (download the catalog in the “clothing and shoes slatwall accessories” section).

    Some of our projects

    In this category of sports equipment display stands, we thought we would add three recently developed project presentations that serve as examples of what we can produce.

    Skis, snowboards, poles and snow boots display stands

    Our range of display stands includes fixed and revolving floor displays, in metal, birch or mixed material, all models are highly customizable with prints and logos and can be painted in all colors of the RAL scale.

    We offer display stands dedicated to displaying a pair of skis or a single snowboard but also mixed display stands solutions such as the ski display stand with pole holders and side shelves for snow boots.

    Racket sports products display stands

    Our range of displays stands includes fixed and revolving floor displays, in metal, birch or mixed material, all models are highly customizable with prints and logos and can be painted in all colors of the RAL scale.

    We offer display stands dedicated to displaying the single tennis or squash racket but also mixed display solutions such as the racket display stand with side shelves for balls and bands.

    We have also thought of tennis racket supports for slatwall panels that we can create according to the required positions.

    Diving products display stands

    Our range of display stands includes fixed and revolving floor displays, in metal, birch or mixed material, all models are highly customizable with prints and logos and can be painted in all colors of the RAL scale.

    We have thought of supports for slatted panels that we can create according to the requested product, all including logo and price tag; currently our range of slatwall display stands for diving products includes:

    • Fin display stand, display stands for a pair of fins
    • Mask display stand, display stand for a pair of masks
    • Snorkel display stand
    • Diving watches display stand
    • Regulator display stand
    • Vest display stand
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