Spare parts and accessories for display stands

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    Spare parts and accessories for display stands

    Do you need help in highlighting your line of eyewear, blister pack products and fashion accessories or do you have new models to promote within the store?

    Take a look at our wide range of display hooks and spare parts

    Technical characteristics of our accessories and display stands spare parts

    The wide range of spare parts for eyewear display stands and accessories for all the display stands of our production is highly functional, allowing you to expand the potential of the display stand by adding nosepads for glasses, anti-theft bars, wheels but also hooks of different sizes, your display stand will be multifunctional and perfectly inserted in the point of sale.

    Our proposals and dedicated products

    We provide display stands solutions of our proposal, visible in the catalog that you can request by filling out the available format.

    All accessories and spare parts for display stands are highly customizable in terms of design, size and color. Our standard product range includes different types of accessories and spare parts that differ in materials, dimensions and the presence of customizable space.

    Our presentation proposals have a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces per model.

    We are specialized in the study and development of the dedicated product.

    If you have an idea to develop and don’t know how to proceed, we will help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

    Our sales department will listen to your requests and our designers will transform your idea into a rendering proposal, this will guide us in creating the customized prototype to be used for the final production.

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    Confidentiality is important to us

    For confidentiality and respect for the brands we work with, we do not display dedicated projects developed to date or customer logos on our website and presentations.

    Give the right color to your idea!

    The coating

    Personalization also implies the display stands accessories coating that you’ve choose, the color to be used to make the product stand out in the store.

    Color is essential, it is always chosen together with the customer based on the type of product presented and the environment in which it is displayed (multi-brand or single-brand store).

    Our powder coating allows us to use on all our metal accessories, all the RAL scale colors and different finishes such as opaque, glossy, semi-gloss and fluorescent colors, each one has a different yield so we guide the customer in the choice that best suits your needs.

    The choice of packaging

    Like all our types of display stands, accessories for display stands and eyewear display stands spare parts are packaged with great care and attention and based on the customer’s needs we study the suitable packaging (quantity per package, etc.) and provide detailed instructions. assembly, easy to understand.

    Let’s take stock!

    What is our proposal?


    Our range of SPARE PARTS FOR EYEWEAR DISPLAYS consists of:

    • Round kit
    • Ray
    • Poles kit
    • Wheels with and without brakes
    • 5 position plastic nosepads
    • Plastic supports for nosepads
    • Plastic hats of different sizes
    • Anti-theft bars of different sizes and positions


    Most of the DISPLAY STANDS ACCESSORIES are made with dimensions on request; and consists of:


    SHELVES: The proposed shelves  can be with or without logo space and are produced in all sizes and shapes and with various types attach (for each side cut made on the display stand). The materials we use for the shelves are metal and wood.

    • Clothing shelves for slatwall
    • Shoe shelves for slatwall
    • Slatwall shelves for accessories
    • Shoe shelf
    • Shelves for accessories


    HOOKS: The proposed hooks can be with or without logo space and with or without tag holder.

    • Single and double hooks, 5/10/15/20/25/30 cm in length
    • Hat hooks
    • Hooks for socks
    • Hooks with price holder
    • Beanies hooks
    • Hooks for motorcycle and ski goggles
    • Hooks for swimming masks
    • Motorcycle helmets hooks
    • Bike helmet hooks
    • Safety helmet hooks


    BROCHURE HOLDER: If you need to present your new collection with an explanatory brochure or with a catalog, we have a wide range of plexiglass brochure holders (A3 / A4 / A5 format).


    HANGING CLOTHING BARS: The hanging bars can be with or without logo space and are produced in all sizes and shapes.

    • Hanging clothing bar
    • Linear hanging rod for bar and upright hooking
    • Clothing bar 12 positions
    • Inclined clothing hanging bar
    • Smooth hanging bar
    • Two-level hanging bar
    • Two-level hanging rod for hanging bar, ideal for clothing display
    • Inclined hanging rod for hooking the bar ideal for clothing frontal exposure


    BANNER: The banners are produced in magnetic and forex material and are highly customizable with logos and prints.


    PANELS: The drilled metal panels have a European hole in order to be used with single and double hooks but also with helmets hooks and goggles hooks; these panels are applied to the display, for example to add the accessories line accompanying the items of clothing on display.

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