Here is a small summary of what we liked in this edition of Eurobike 2021.

Bicycles / E-bikes:
Digit Bikes an American company won the Award for integrating the suspension to the tube.

Nusetti, a Polish company that won the Award for integrating the transmission to the chassis.

KTM Myroon won the award with one of the lightest bicycles on the market (the frame weighs 920g) and won the design award having integrated the cables inside the frame.

MANTA and its nice aluminum and carbon bicycle for pedaling on water.

Bicycle components:

SHIMANO presented the new DI2 9200 electronic transmission and the new DURACE wheels.

FSA has made the new 551g crankset and bicycle handlebar elastometers, mounted between the stem and handlebar, created to absorb noise.

Accessories for the cyclist (cycling helmets, cycling clothing):
Surely one of the most beautiful news in the cycling clothing sector is given by Shimano which, won the award with cycling pants with recycling pieces of airbags that exploded after the test-crashes, the material is waterproof and they have inserted fabrics anti-sweating for the private parts.
Many manufacturers of bicycle helmets were present at the fair, Sena has created a helmet that can be connected to other helmets, allowing (while you have your hands on the handlebars) to listen to music and receive phone calls, the helmet is recharged via USB.