In one edition that marks the return in the presence of the French show, Silmo (24th-27th September 2021), many innovations in the optical sector were presented.

After a year of hiatus due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the cancellation of many sector fairs in 2020 and the unknown factor of travel between states, Silmo, one of the most important eyewear trade fairs in the World, took place in Paris in attendance; unfortunately, this year many trade fairs in the sector are held in digital format and are postponed to 2022.

At the fair we saw many innovations responding to a constantly growing sector and with even more optimistic future forecasts, despite the unknowns of a market that struggles to find raw materials, witnesses the exponential price growth of the same and struggles to maintain regular production rates.

SILMO 2021

SILMO 2021



The eyewear was presented in super-technological guise and with innovative materials by many companies; not surprisingly, after a year in which the sports sector has had an exponential sales growth for many brands, sports eyewear has been the great protagonist of this 2021 edition.

An example is the ski mask of the “Out Of” brand equipped with a microchip capable of reacting to changes in ambient light.

EssilorLuxottica has awarded the Silmo d’Or with the innovation of the Transitions XTRActive Polarized photochromic polarized lenses during the 2021 edition of Silmo in Paris and presented the smart glasses created in collaboration with Facebook that it will launch in new countries and in France within the first quarter of 2022.

But now we come to us .. why were we at Silmo?

Many of our customers come from the eyewear World, manufacture, wholesale and distribuite  eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, sports glasses, cheap sunglasses and safety glasses, as well as the current trend in smart glasses.


Reading glasses display stand

Reading glasses display stand



Although the trend of the last two years has been the online purchase for almost all the products on the market and the buyers interact virtually with the products (for example using the apps provided by the reference brand to try on the glasses virtually), fortunately the the eyewear sector has not completely bowed to this new digital market; the in-store experience will probably not end because being able to try on sunglasses or prescription glasses, interacting with a salesperson who will recommend the best eyewear will always have a fundamental value for the end user.

In 2021 the store is downsized in terms of size (we have seen the disappearance of large flagship stores) but it remains the real point of contact between the brand and its customers; it is still the primary vehicle for the brand’s image and represents an important place for interaction with customers.

Making the customer’s shopping experience more pleasant is really important, we know it is not easy to encourage him to enter the store and physically buy the product, but with a good advertising promotion following the launch of a new product and with display systems. of support, success is assured.



Our eyewear display stands  are of attractive design thanks to the use of laser cutting (we can engrave the company logo and geometric shapes of your choice) and materials such as MDF and metal (the latter especially can be painted in all the colors of the RAL scale); reading glasses display stands are often integrated with  lens  shelves(in order to expose the entire color range) and are popular as they can be disassembled allowing for easy transport (in flat packaging) and easy assembly in the store.

Our range of eyewear display stands is made up of counter eyewear display stands, our fixed or swivel floor eyewear display stands and have from 1 to 200 positions, allowing the display stand of the sunglasses or reading glasses with an lockable bar or on transparent plexiglass nosepads.

Eyewear display stands

Eyewear display stands


We guarantee that with the addition of a magnetized ADS banner (to be interchanged over time) the WOW effect in the store is ensured.

Over time we have become familiar with the world of eyewear by creating multifunctional display stands for sunglasses and reading glasses  thanks to the addition of perforated panels, storage boxes and dedicated accessories to also display accessories such as cases, cleaning accessories and eyewear on blister.

All eyewear display stands are customizable in terms of design and colors of the RAL scale.

We also have a range of  slatwall eyewear display stands that complement the personalized corner inside the store.

Sunglasses display stands are one of our best-selling products; we create self-standing columns from 1 to 200 positions with plexiglass nosepads or with the addition of anti-theft bars, all of our production, with or without an upper side advertising banner; easy to customize and quick to assemble once you arrive in the store.

Self standing columns from 1 to 200 positions

Self standing columns from 1 to 200 positions with plexiglass nosepads or with the addition of anti-theft bars


The reading glasses display stand and eyeglasses display stand  is often accompanied by a reading test and a storage box for accessories; we recommend an explanatory banner for the different types of lenses, shades and customizations available.

Our production of sports eyewear display stands are our flagship products; of fresh, young design, with clean lines but highly customizable, we offer many models in metal and mixed material (metal-plastic) with many colors and customizations available.

The trend of the sports eyewear display stands is the presence of the anti-theft bar, a storage box customized with logo and claim and must always be accompanied by recognizable visuals.

The trend of the sports eyewear display stands

The trend of the sports eyewear display stands


The children eyewear display stand  for is often accompanied by reading tests and colored images, we recommend an explanatory banner for the different types of lenses for children’s reading glasses, shades and customizations available.


Children eyewear display stand

Children eyewear display stand


Over time we have produced many display stands for safety glasses that allow to display many products together such as a line of safety socks or gloves, very popular for this category are the counter or front cashier displays.

Display stands that are highly customized with graphics (testimonials) and logos, allowing brands to be quickly recognized within a multi-brand store.

We have a wide range of accessories for our eyewear displays such as: nose pads, price tags, anti-theft bars, plastic hats, wheels, hooks … that allow you to customize the eyewear display stand to your liking.


Customize the eyewear display stand to your liking

Customize the eyewear display stand to your liking


Written by: gioia_oltremare

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