Our bicycle platforms/ bicycle display stands are of attractive design thanks to the use of laser cutting (we can engrave the company logo and geometric shapes of your choice) and materials such as MDF and metal (the latter especially can be painted in all the colors of the RAL scale); our bicycle platforms/ bicycle display stands are popular as they can be disassembled into several parts, allowing for easy and cheap transport (in flat packaging) and easy assembly in the shop.
We guarantee that with the addition of a magnetized advertising banner (to be interchanged over time) the WOW effect in the store is ensured.
Over time we have become familiar with the world of bicycles and accessories, creating multifunctional bicycle displays thanks to the addition of perforated panels and dedicated accessories to display bicycle components; our bicycle displays allow you to place the bicycle on the wall and on the ground, they are single or multiple supports and are all customizable in terms of design and colors of the RAL scale.

The bicycle displays line created specifically for those who live in the city and have little space at home, allows you to hang the bicycle on the wall, on the door and use the same support as a helmet and glove holder for cycling.
In a shop , in addition to bicycles cycling products, there are bicycle components and bicycle accessories, they must be able to be tried on by the customer and must be available in many models and colors in order to attract the consumer and prevail over the competitors.
Our bicycle display stands are equipped with customized supports (wheel holder, fork holder, handlebar holder, brake holder, saddle holder …) to which accessories from the same range can be added with single and double hooks of our production, for drilled panel or staved, all customizable with the brand and print of your choice.
We also have a wide selection of hooks for slatwall panels for cycling products and cycling helmets hooks that complete the customized corner inside the shop.
Cycling helmet display stands are one of our best-selling products; we create self-standing columns with 15/20/40 positions with wire hooks for helmets of our production, with or without side advertising banner, easy to customize and quick to assemble once you arrive in the store.



The bicycle helmet display stand is often used by mixing helmet hooks with goggles hooks (especially MTB goggles) in order to create a unique and design family feeling; our customers often combine this display stand with the sports eyewear display stands, the cycling eyewear that often requires an explanatory banner for the different types of lenses and customizations available.
The cycling clothing display stands and cycling shoes dispaly stands of our production are our bestsellers; of fresh, young design with clean but highly refined lines highly customizable.
We also offer many models in metal and mixed material (metal-wood) with many colors and customizations available.

Each display stand allows you to display folded and hung cycling clothing (so as to display the complete range of colors), you can choose if you prefer to have a display stand that allows you to display folded clothing and hanging or folded clothing and technical sports clothing in blister packs or all and three together creating a complete display system for your collection!

Over the time, we’ve produced many cycling clothing display stands that allowed the display of cycling shoes and the line of cycling socks or cycling gloves proposed by the brand; this is a winning choice because if highly personalized with graphics (testimonials) and logos, it allows your brand to be quickly recognized within a multi-brand store.
We have an extensive line of clothing bars to apply to the slatwall panel, in different sizes and styles and clothing shelves and shoe shelves from slat panel.


By customizing them with laser cutting and logos, your product will stand out from the other brands even in a slatted panel of a multi-brand shop.
See you at Eurobike 2022 in Munich!

Written by: xsimania

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